NAATI Translation

Do you need NAATI certification for your translation?

If you are using your translation for official purposes then chances are you are going to need a NAATI certified translator to certify them. 

Common documents requiring NAATI certification include ID Cards, Driver Licences and Birth Certificates.  

Here at mbChinese we care about your document translations.

We know that you will be using these translations to apply for visas, licences and much more, so we make sure that we spend extra attention on getting your details right.

Believe it or not, we actually find translating documents exciting. Some of our most interesting translation discoveries have come through translations of everyday documents!

For fixed prices of translated documents please see the list below. Prices are for a soft copy NAATI certified translation only. Postage for any hard copies required will incur an additional fee. 

NAATI Translation Cost

One of the most commonly translated documents, Identity card translations are often used in applications where verification of identity is required such as visas and passport applications.

Fixed Price: $20

Required by people driving in Australia on an overseas driver licence that is not in English. The duration of time that you are allowed to drive with a translated licence varies from state to state. For more information about driving in Victoria with an overseas licence click here.

Fixed Price: $20

Translations of a Certificate of Marriage can be required for people proving a relationship or planning to get divorced. When a translation is used in the Family Court of Australia the translator needs to sign an affidavit verifying the translation. This form can be found here. 

$30 (no affidavit)

$60 (including affidavit)

When applying for certain visas a translation of a Household Register may be required. Normally the whole booklet is required to be translated, however, there are times when you only need to translate a single or certain page(s).

$25 (single page)

$75 (entire booklet)

Business licence translations are used for a range of business activities including entering into joint ventures. If you would like to verify a Chinese business licence before having it translated please click here.

Fixed Price: $40

Translated police checks can be required for visa and job applications. In China the most common check is known as the 'No Criminal Record' certificate. 

Fixed Price: $30 (within 200 words)

Translations of birth certificates can be required for certain visa and passport applications. 

Fixed Price: $30

Translations of degree certificates are often required when applying to study in Australia. As China has a dual credential system in which certificates of graduation are issued separately from degree certificates it is important that you check which certificates are required from your academic institution. To learn more about the dual credential system click here.

Fixed Price: $30

A range of different types of Chinese property ownership certificates exist including property ownership certificates, land use right certificates and real property ownership certificates.

Fixed Price: $30

Other documents including academic transcripts, medical certificates and bank statements etc.

What is the difference between NAATI accreditation and NAATI certification?

Although they might sound similar, there is a big difference between NAATI accreditation and NAATI certification. 

Prior to 2018, all translators who passed a NAATI test were given NAATI accreditation. This was awarded for life and translators where issued with a small circular or diamond shaped NAATI stamp. 

Since 2018, however, NAATI has moved to a certification system where translators are certified for a period of three years after which they need to renew their certifications. 

NAATI certified translators are given a large rectangle stamp that states the exact time that their certification expires. You can see the different types of stamps for accredited translators and certified translators here.

If you are using your translations for official purposes you will need to make sure that you have a NAATI certified translation not a NAATI accredited one. Government agencies like DFAT no longer accept accredited translations

Here at mbChinese we only provide NAATI certified translations for clients requiring a NAATI stamp on their translations. 


Free translation

While we do not like to undercut our business, we believe it is important that you know that you may be eligible for free translation services. 

Holders of certain visas may apply for free translations of certain documents as part of their visa applications. 

More details can be found on the Department of Home Affairs website here.