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We known that good translation is about knowing your audience and having the courage to go beyond the words.

NAATI Certified

Certified Practitioner for both Chinese to English and English to Chinese. 


Our translations are driven by our love for words and language and a desire to find the right word.

about Michael Broughton

About mb

Michael Broughton

Michael Broughton is a NAATI certified freelance Chinese translator with a passion for languages and words. 

Raised in rural Victoria, he discovered his passion for the Chinese language in year seven and has not looked back since. 

Over the last 15 years his desire to learn Chinese has seen him travel and study in both China and Australia, working hard to understand both the Chinese language and its culture. 

A certified translator for both Chinese to English and English to Chinese, he has completed a Master of Translation at the University of Melbourne as well as a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) majoring in Chinese.

Michael was also the Valedictorian for his 2018 graduation ceremony, check out his speech here.

Michael is also keen to use his Chinese skills to give back to the community through volunteering. This has included working as a translator for the Australian Chinese Youth Association, as the chief editor of the Marco Polo Project magazine and as a radio co-host for Ballarat 99.9 Voice FM’s Mandarin language program, Dragontime.

Michael also has a passion for ancient Chinese and did his Honours thesis on an obscure commentary for ancient Chinese poems and even applied to do a PhD on ancient Chinese words. 

And while some people may think that he is a bit of a pedant, Michael believes that when it comes to translation, being pedantic is a good thing. 

In his free time Michael likes to read Chinese dictionaries. 

The mbChinese translation process



At the beginning of any translation the first step will always be to understand the audience and purpose of the translation. This will determine the translation style and informs the formality and tone of the language that will be used. 



An in-depth understanding of the subject matter is crucial for a good translation. During the research process various resources will be used, including journals, law databases and company websites to get a better understanding of the content of the original text. 



It is important to see how other people have written on the subject in the same language. No translation is written in a vacuum and it should be informed by the way that native language content approaches the same field or area. 



Translating is 99% perspiration. However, just like writing there are times when you need leave the desk, go for a walk, and just think. Inspiration often comes from the most unlikely sources. 



Translations not only have to be checked for spelling, grammar and readability but also for translation errors. All translations into Chinese will be proofread by a native language speaker. 



Translating is not a one way street. Clients can and should have a say in the finished translation product. Feedback is welcome and post-translation amendments or edits can made through discussion. 

Why choose mbChinese?

Highly accurate translations that read like native language content.

Willing to go the extra yard to meet client’s deadlines. 

With nearly 10 years of language and culture studies at academic insitutions in both Australia and China, mbChinese translations are informed by a deep understanding of both Australian culture and Chinese culture.

During the translation process only the most authoritative resources will be used, including academic journals, law data bases, and published material from reputable sources. 

Not scared to break through the words and provide powerful ‘transcreations’ that better meet the needs to the text’s audience and purpose.

High level industry standards of training and qualifications. Ongoing professional development and lifelong learning.

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